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Whilst We Were Sleeping...

Just for fun, here's a rundown of the news this site missed between our last regular updates, and its 2015 revival.


MAY 2010

Indira Varma stars alongside Idris Elba in BBC's global hit, Luther.

JUNE 2010

Naoko Mori stars opposite Christopher Eccleston in BBC Four's Lennon Naked. She plays Yoko Ono, to Eccleston's Lennon.


Gareth David-Lloyd marries his girlfriend Gemma James.


Torchwood: The Official Magazine is cancelled. This is rumoured to be due to complications with the Torchwood license, following Miracle Day.


Eve Myles headlines BBC Wales' Baker Boys.


Former showrunner Chris Chibnall launches Camelot on the Starz network.

JUNE 2011

Russell T Davies is interviewed by the Guardian, about Torchwood: Miracle Day.

JULY 2011

Starz CEO Chris Albrecht states his channel is willing to wait until Russell T Davies is ready to deliver Torchwood season 5.

Meanwhile an original Torchwood novel, First Born (by James Goss) is released.

Chris Chibnall's Camelot series is cancelled by Starz, after a single season.

Captain Jack was suppose to feature in Doctor Who's 'A Good Man Goes to War'.


Another Torchwood novel is released - Long Time Dead, by Sarah Pinborough.


The final episode of Torchwood airs on Starz, 9th September 2011.

Guy Adams' The Men Who Sold The World original novel is released.

Jane Espenson's web series Husbands premieres.


Johnny English Reborn releases in cinemas. It features Burn Gorman in a minor role.


Miracle Day is released on DVD/Blu Ray.


Russell T Davies announces he's returning to the UK, to care for his boyfriend Andrew Smith.


John Barrowman and Carole E Barrowman release the first in their Young Adult/Fantasy series, Hollow Earth.

MAY 2012

Gareth David-Lloyd's second album with rock band Blue Gillespie (Seven Rages of Man) is released.

JUNE 2012

4th June - Gareth David-Lloyd's daughter (Lily Christina Lloyd) is born.

A day earlier, John was helping BBC One present the Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Even better, he's crowned Rear of the Year.

JULY 2012

Burn Gorman features in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, released this month.

John Barrowman presents a Channel 5 documentary about TNT's Dallas revival.


Lauren Ambrose gives birth to her second child.

'Sleeper' writer James Moran releases his film Cockneys VS Zombies. A month later Tower Block, another film scripted by him, is released in cinemas. Both play that year's Frightfest.


John Barrowman and his sister Carole collaborate on Exodus Code - an original Torchwood novel, set post-Miracle day. It's released this month in book form, and as an unabridged audio reading (read by Daniel Pirrie)

Gareth David-Lloyd joins the cast of BBC One's Holby City. He reoccurs in the series on a semi regular basis, before departing in January 2013.

Chris Chibnall contributes two further episodes to Doctor Who ('Dinosaurs on a Spaceship' and 'The Power of Three')


John Barrowman makes his first appearance on the CW's Arrow series. He's soon promoted to a series regular role - and is still a part of the show's ensemble to this day.


John Barrowman features in a minor role within Zero Dark Thirty (which went on to be nominated  for the Best Picture Oscar)


John and Carole E Barrowman release Bone Quill - the second in their Young Adult/Fantasy series.

Chris Chibnall has his say about Torchwood: Miracle Day.

'Reset' guest star (and Doctor Who's Chief Caretaker) Richard Briers dies.

MARCH 2013

Chris Chibnall's ITV series Broadchurch makes its debut. It stars a number of Doctor Who alum, but most notably David Tennant, and is frequently directed by Torchwood's James Strong.

MAY 2013

Eve Myles marries her boyfriend Bradley Freeguard.

She lands another lead role - in BBC's Frankie.

JUNE 2013

Naoko Mori is part of the cast taking Avenue Q to South Korea.

JULY 2013

John Barrowman marries boyfriend Scott Gill.

Burn Gorman stars in Pacific Rim (Currently in post-production, he's also a part of director Guillermo Del Toro's supernatural horror Crimson Peak, playing 'Holly').

Indira Varma joins HBO's Game of Thrones.


Children of Earth's Peter Capaldi is announced as the Twelfth Doctor!


Miracle Day debuts on BBC America.


John Barrowman appears during Doctor Who's 50th anniversary celebrations, as himself in Peter Davison's short film The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot.

Peter Capaldi makes his debut appearance as the Doctor in Day of the Doctor (which also includes a reference to Captain Jack).


11th February, Eve Myles' second child, a daughter called Siena, is born.

MARCH 2014

Mekhi Phifer stars as Max in Summit Entertainment's hit movie Divergent.

APRIL 2014

Starfury: Miracle Day convention is held, with Eve, Kai, Naoko and Gareth present.

MAY 2014

It's announced that Lauren Ambrose has joined the cast of USA Network's Dig series. It eventually launches March 2015.

Miracle Day co-star Mekhi Phifer, meanwhile, files for bankruptcy.

JUNE 2014

John Barrowman releases his latest album, You Raise Me Up. You can download it now, or listen to it on Spotify.

He's also made an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List.

JULY 2014

The third book in John and Carole E Barrowman's Hollow Earth series, titled The Book of Beasts, is released.

John plays a pivotal role in the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, taking place in Scotland.

Big Finish announce plans to adapt the New Adventures novel Damaged Goods (originally published in the 1990s by Virgin). It eventually releases in May 2014. Check it out - it's great!


Congratulations to Gareth David-Lloyd who's son, Eli Andrew Lloyd, is born on the 14th of this month.


Captain John Hart features in a blink and you'll miss it cameo, in Doctor Who's Eighth Season episode 'Time Heist'.


Released in cinemas this month is Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It features Burn Gorman, and is probably the most junior film/TV programme ever listed on this site!

An American remake of Chris Chibnall's Broadchurch, entitled Gracepoint, launches.


Fox greenlights an Indepedence Day sequel, Resurgence, starring Bill Pullman. It's released June 2016.


Ridley Scott's Exodus: Gods and Kings is released in cinemas. It features Indira Varma.


The second series of Chris Chibnall's Broadchurch premieres on ITV. The new series features Eve Myles.

Russell T Davies returns to TV with dual-dramas Cucumber (Channel 4) and Banana (E4). It's reported that his CBBC series Wizards VS Aliens may have been cancelled (this is later confirmed).

Gareth David-Lloyd plus Juror#12 in the 2015 tour of play 12 Angry Men. The run concludes in May.

Netflix confirm that BBC shows (including Doctor Who and Torchwood) will remain on its services.


Eve Myles talks about a Torchwood revival.

ITV officially announce a third series of Broadchurch - to air in 2017.

For no particular reason, the Radio Times website lists all the best references to Torchwood in its parent show.

MARCH 2015

Mekhi Phifer returns to cinemas in the second film in the Divergent series - Insurgent.

Gareth David-Lloyd stars in the final 4 episodes of the BBC's school soap Waterloo Road.

APRIL 2015

James Marsters talks about the differences between Buffy and Torchwood.

MAY 2015

Starfury: Mircale Day 2 convention takes place.

BBC America asks: Where are the cast of Torchwood now?

JUNE 2015

It's announced that Russell T Davies, Steven Moffat and Peter Capaldi are to speak at the Radio Time Festival 2015.

Kai Owen joins Channel 4's teen soap Hollyoaks. He's currently leading a controversial storyline. He plays manipulative paedophile Pete Buchanan, in a plot hailed by child abuse charities.

Universal Pictures launches the official trailer for Everest (featuring Naoko Mori).

Eve Myles is raising money for Dewi James, who is in need of a life saving operation.

JULY 2015

WalesOnline reports that Ianto's shrine in Cardiff Bay is still going strong - 6 years on from the events of Children of Earth.

Former BBC Execs Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter launch production company Bad Wolf in Cardiff.

Lauren Ambrose joins the cast of the forthcoming X Files revival.

John Barrowman attends San Diego Comic Con, and sings the Doctor Who theme tune!

James Moran's latest short film, Ghosting, will play at this year's Frightfest in London.


Phew! All caught up.

Drop a comment below if I've missed anything.
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