Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Gwen & Rhys Reunited!

Gwen Cooper and husband Rhys Williams will return this November, Big Finish Productions has announced.

The pair will star in the company's third Torchwood release - Forgotten Lives, by Emma Reeves - who says, 'I still can’t believe that I’ve been asked to write a story for the brilliant characters of Gwen and Rhys, I’ve been lucky enough to write for Eve before, on Belonging, and I know that she has a unique gift of imbuing every syllable with the deepest meaning. Getting Eve Myles and Kai Owen, too, is basically like winning the writer lottery.'

The announcement confirms the pair's storyline is set in the days following Miracle Day. It also confirms that Gwen will return later on in the series; most likely the finale? 

You can read the full news article on Big Finish.com, and pre-order the release here.

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