Thursday, September 03, 2015

Season 5 Teased!

Vortex, Big Finish's promotional magazine, has released its September 2015 issue. Guess what made the cover?

Inside, the creatives who brought the new series together discuss the background to the series;

Gary Russell: "Russell [T Davies] and I began plotting ideas for what would have been an audio season five, set post-Miracle Day, with some new, some older characters and a new set-up back in Cardiff (where I feel Torchwood absolutely belongs)"

When Gary moved away to Australia, he explains that he had to relinquish his responsibilities for the series. When the current series was pitched, he made sure "they could be set during the first four seasons of Torchwood but not tread on the toes of the still-planned season five."

There we have it. As things currently stand Big Finish has plans to produce an official Torchwood Season 5!

For the rest of the magazine's Torchwood coverage, click here to read Vortex magazine all for yourself!

Torchwood: The Conspiracy should be released any day now, and we're still awaiting news on releases 3-6 in the current series.
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