Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ask Ianto; It's 8 Months Away!

What does JB know anyway? He's too busy with his dozen other gigs. Gareth David-Lloyd told the Woodies gathered in Telford yesterday that Torchwood Series Two is right on schedule. They start filming in April and broadcasts will commence around October, so in other words, the same schedule as last year. That bit of news from one of the stars should put a spring in your step this weekend.

Thanks very much to Springmaus who attended the convention and sent us a full report. In addition to that news she listed the following that Gareth said during the Q & A:

  • When asked what it was like to kiss John, he said, “John is very clean shaven, so I just closed my eyes and pretended he was a woman.”

  • There are Torchwood action figures planned (though he wasn’t too sure)

  • There are apparently lots of Ianto episodes planned for the next series

  • What Ianto and Jack do with the stop watch is a secret, you will just have to use your imagination

  • He doesn’t have a favourite cast member, he thinks they’re all great – but he joked that he HAD to say that

  • His favourite films are mostly Japanese horror films like The Ring

  • He gets his suits from Zaras, Vivienne Westwood and River Island

  • If he could be in any film, it would be Nightmare On Elm Street. His brother used to force him to watch it

  • The SUV is a Range Rover spruced up by the BBC. It looks great inside, but most of the buttons and gadgets don’t work, they’re just made of plastic. (he sounded very disappointed)

  • His favourite episode is Cyberwoman. It was most fun to film and he actually got to do something, rather than just be tea boy

  • He was asked about the jokes they got up to on the set, but unfortunately wouldn’t reveal any as there were children present

    Anonymous said...

    So much new information. THANK YOU!

    Anonymous said...

    The "I close my eyes and imagine it's a woman" trick won't work for the sex scene that will (hopefully) have in season 2 - you gotta find something else, Gareth!

    Anonymous said...

    I love you Gareth David-Lloyd. You are absolutely amazing and like Ianto, full of useful information. You are equal 2nd on my favourite Torchwood characters with Tosh and Owen. I'm sorry, but my favourite is Gwen.

    bluemonkeyape said...

    This website has inspired me to make my own website dedicated to Torchwood! Although it is a minor site compared to this amazing site, it would be cool if you came to my website.

    I hope you don't mind me pasting that!