Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jack's Everywhere

Look away now if you don't want to hear the latest Torchwood season two spoiler - direct from the set! It would seem that an upcoming episode of the show will feature not only a young Captain Jack Harkness, but his parents too! A trip to the far future, in the 51st Century, looks very, very likely.

Thanks to Paul Robinson, aka peter pan over at Sarah-Jane.tv, for the set report:

"Ah! Filming had bloody finished by the time I got to the Porthcawl location today! Looks like they were filming around the sea front and Coney Beach Leisure Park (a sort of roller coaster and rides kind of affair). I think Naoko was driven away as I approached, but not 100% sure as I couldn't see in the car properly.

The area would fit in very nicely with the scenes filmed at penarth as it's the same kind of seaside look. I did manage to get a glimpse of a few trailer doors though..... "Jack's Mother", "Jack's Father" and "Young Jack"!

Add that to my mate being asked to play a background extra from the 51st Century man, and I think we can make a few assumptions about the story! Funny though, as Coney Beach doesn't even look like it belong in 2007, let alone the far future in the 51st Century. It's all very 1960's!"

Interesting stuff. Lets hope it all proves true and we get to see little Jack Harkness terrorising our television screens come 2008.

Where's Supernanny when you need her?!

UPDATE: It would seem that fifteen year old Jack Montgomery has landed the role of "Young Captain Jack". Check out his online CV here.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Thats so cool. I cant wait til January! *jumps around*

Lioness said...

Wonder if they're at the equivalent of a Ren Faire?