Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Titan Comics - Torchwood 2 Updates

Titan Comics have changed the release dates for the Torchwood 2 series:

Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper and the rest of the crew of the Ice Maiden investigate a case the likes of which even they haven’t seen before! Does the ship’s unconventional crew have what it takes?

Release date now 08/02/17 (was 01/02/17)

Jack, Gwen and the crew of the Ice Maiden must stop the threat that started in the Skagerrak Strait, before disaster ensues. And what is Rona’s secret? Meanwhile, the mystery of Lady Karina and Torchwood House continues!

Release date now 08/03/17 (was 01/03/17) 

The Torchwood team must deal with the threat posed by Lady Karina, but can they find out her secret and stop her plans? And the mystery of Rona continues; can the Ice Maiden crew find out more about their young stowaway?

Release date now 05/04/17 (was 29/03/17) 

Synopsis... classified!

Release date now 03/05/17 (was 26/04/17)


The four issues will be collected into a graphic novel later in 2017.
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