Thursday, November 10, 2005

Anything Goes in the bedroom

John Barrowman likes to do it to Cole Porter according to this interview in The Advocate. JB confesses in the article that, "I like men who sing from the cock." He goes on to explain some of the hidden meanings and background to Porter's lyrics.

Barrowman began his career on the London stage in Cole Porter's Anything Goes and was also featured in the 2004 Porter biopic Delovely doing a duet of Night and Day with Kevin Kline. (a sample here) Captain Jack's most recent album is all Cole Porter numbers.


No shock that Barrowman admires Porter, he was a master of innuendos with lyrics like, " I'd like to sup with my baby tonight, Fulfill the cup with my baby tonight, But I ain't up to my baby tonight, 'Cause it's too darn hot!"

PS - Advance reports are that in tomorrow's new issue of Doctor Who Magazine Russell T Davies will talk a bit more about Torchwood, including that he has never approached Charlotte Church to be in it. Check back for more as it breaks.
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