Thursday, November 10, 2005

Jack won't go into church

What was reported yesterday has been confirmed today in issue #363 of Doctor Who Magazine. Rumours in the tabloids that Charlotte Church would star in Torchwood were just that, rumours. Also in the interview Russell T Davies mentioned a new Torchwood character named "Gwen." So of course the new rumours will now start. If it's not Charlotte, who will be the female lead in the show? umm . . . maybe what's her name? something Stefani?


For the full story, the magazine is available all over the UK and at some specialty newsstands here in the USA or can be ordered online. Russell also said that Torchwood would have a separate budget from WHO and not drain any of its resources despite sharing some of the same production base. Also, James Hawes is on as a producer and Doctor Who production designer Edward Thomas will have the same job on Torchwood.

So, Torchwood.TV bids a fond farewell to Charlotte Church, gossip about her really helped me get through these first few weeks of starting up the page. Well at least now she will have more time to work on her book.
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