Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Bartender, I'll take a double entendre

Now anybody can tell a filthy joke, but it is a true measure of your size if you are able to be a cunning linguist. Show off your stuff in the innuendo department by entering a unique contest. (I have removed the information about the contest by request as they are trying to keep it a secret from JB)

Doctor Who

If you haven't been by the Torchwood Institute lately, it looks like the official Innuendo Squad polo shirts are nearly ready. More information here.

Also, I would like to apologize for being guilty of doing something which I hate when I see others engaging in. Which is, talking negatively about something you don't know anything about. Since my post mentioning Pantos last week, I have done some more research and heard from a few folks who have given me a better idea of what they are. Sorry, but I had just assumed that they were like the "holiday specials" we get here in the States, which are complete insipid drivel.

While I won't promise I won't ever offend anybody here at Torchwood.TV, I always welcome all feedback and comments to make this the best Torchwood site around.
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