Sunday, November 06, 2005

Time to invest in a dalek-proof sofa

The only things that ever managed to get behind the sofa at my house were the remote control, coins and keys. When watching Doctor Who as a youngster I can't remember ever taking the effort to move the end tables, slide the sofa away from the wall, and then somehow squeeze in behind it whenever something scary popped up. Must be a British thing.


So there is actually a wee bit of news to go with this post. This interview today in The Sunday Mail with Doctor Who writer Steven Moffat is primarily about how season 28 will be even more terrifying than the last. But Moffat also takes credit for Captain Jack in the article. Moffat wrote the two-part story that introduced Jack Harkness last year and he said Russell T. Davies had nothing to do with creating the character. The Scottish Moffat is slated to write a few episodes for season 28 of Doctor Who but there has been no announcement yet that he is on board for Torchwood.

Steven's quote from the article about John Barrowman's character sums up the Torchwood spirit nicely, "There's something very believable and right about a James Bond character who will literally shag anything . . . if a Dalek's got a short enough skirt!"
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