Thursday, November 03, 2005

Coming to a store near you: Torchwood Christmas Crackers

The BBC seems quite sure that Torchwood is going to take off. If you look at their trademark application online you can see they have covered all the bases. If they have the slightest chance of selling a product with the word Torchwood on it they have put it in their request list.

Doctor Who Toy

From Torchwood kites to Torchwood swimming flippers they are trademarking it. It seems quite odd to me however that there are so many toys and kid's type items in their request. After all, isn't this show being called an X-rated version of Doctor Who? There are no Trademark requests at all for any "adult items."

So for my entrepreneurial readers, now is your chance to make a fortune on some items the BBC may have overlooked. The first few that come to my mind are Torchwood Condoms, Torchwood Massage Oil and Torchwood inflatable love dolls.

PS - There was a big spread on JB in the Daily Mail this past weekend. Posted here at barrrowmanonline.
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