Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Sincerity Squad

Torchwood's trio of John Barrowman, Charlotte Church and Russell T. Davies are all folks who could never be accused of being fake. Like me, I'm sure you have listened to far too many interviews with stars who discuss how they could never get a date in high school. It's refreshing when celebrities don't condescend to their fans and don't stress about needing to please everybody.

Barrowman is open about his sexuality and beliefs. He didn't care who he might offend when he said the following to The Glasgow Herald: "Organised religion says gay men are evil. So why would I want a marriage from a belief system that hates me?" In an old interview for US Magazine JB said that after accidently going into a religious chatroom he wrote to them, "You call yourself Christians, so why are you hating all these people?"

Doctor Who on BBC

Charlotte Church was just named the most sincere female celebrity in a British poll. We already know she is not shy, but did you know that at the tender age of 15 she was already more insightful than most Americans? In reference to 9/11/2001 she told The Sunday Times after that attack, "People overdramatise and lose perspective."

And Torchwood writer/producer Russell T Davies who came up with the groundbreaking Queer as Folk has made no attempts to hide his homosexuality or Atheism when speaking with the media. In an interview with RTD noted that, "If Jesus Christ were alive today, he'd say 'Gay men? Fantastic. Good for you."

Good for you Russell, and good for us, as it looks like we are in store for a show that is being put together by intelligent adults for intelligent adults.
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