Friday, November 04, 2005

There are no plans for Shark Attack IV yet

You may be unaware that Torchwood's John Barrowman is responsible for one of the most famous lines in b-movie history. In the role of Ben Carpenter, a lifeguard, in the film Shark Attack III, JB improvised an impromptu line to get a reaction out of his female co-star. The naughty line (spoiler) was left in the film and now people are buying this dreadful DVD and sitting through it just to see the famous scene.


You can download and watch a few clips from the film from this site. Barrowman is in two roughly 20 second WMV files. Unfortunately the famous scene is not included. For that you will just have to go down to your local DVD store, find the bargain bin and perhaps splurge out as much as $5 for this cinema classic.

PS - For those in the UK. Charlotte Church will be on the Parkinson ITV chat show Saturday evening. It looks like she will just be promoting her new album without any Torchwood announcements.
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