Saturday, November 05, 2005

Torchwood Opening Title Sequence

Some clever artist has already edited together many of Captain Jack's scenes from season 27 of Doctor Who into a potential opening title sequence for Torchwood. It is set to the theme song from MacGyver (a show Terry Nation wrote for) and available for download at the Delta Wave Site (Pg 2). There are several great homemade music videos presented on those pages featuring John Barrowman and the rest of the season 27 cast. Delta Wave also started up a new Torchwood forum this week.

Opening title sequences and theme songs on TV shows are a dying breed, so it is not even certain if Torchwood will have one. But the opening still serves a purpose in setting the mood and can make or break a show. The horrible K-9 and Company theme was perhaps what led to that show's downfall. If you have any musical talent, get started this weekend on your own ideas. The BBC has a fun flash app for tinkering around with the Doctor Who theme here. The only song for the new show I could come up with so far is the Batman TV theme, with the chorus repeating "Torchwood" instead.
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