Friday, November 18, 2005

Tis the season. + Captain Jack on Children In Need.

Now that Billie and Tennant have turned on the christmas lights in Cardiff I suppose that means the greedy . . . oops, I mean festive season is officially upon us. John Barrowman has quite a busy month scheduled. He is finishing up his part in A Few Good Men at the London Haymarket on December 8th. He pops over to the Cinderella Panto in Wimbledon the following day for several weeks of shows, and it was announced today he will be performing in Birmingham on Monday December 19th in a christmas musical with Elaine Paige. The concert will be recorded and air on BBC Radio 2 on Friday December 23rd at 7:30pm.

Doctor Who

As an Atheist, the only reason why I might have ever counted down the days until christmas was because I was looking forward to seeing it through and done with. But obviously it is a bit different this year with the airing of The Christmas Invasion and premiere of the 10th Doctor. (Well, aside from the great little canonical bridge shown today on Children in Need. Check it out online and listen close to the Captain Jack reference. Spoiler. Plus donating to the cause wouldn't hurt.) RTD has also mentioned that Torchwood will be seeded in the December 25th episode of Doctor Who. Wow, that is just over a month away! That means time is growing short if we hope to figure out exactly who or what Gwen is before it is officially revealed.
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