Saturday, November 19, 2005


If you haven't seen the Doctor Who Children In Need mini-episode yet, what are you waiting for? It is online here, go and watch it for crying out loud! Then donate and then come back here and we can talk. Wouldn't it be nice if the BBC could stream Doctor Who and Torchwood episodes all season? It would save us here in the USA and elsewhere from having to find the show using other means. (Here we are almost a year later after the show's original release and still not one word about a broadcast or a DVD release in the States, so sorry but I don't feel at all guilty about finding subversive ways to get Doctor Who. Don't worry BBC, whenever you finally get around to actually releasing the DVDs here, maybe five years time? I will go out and buy a copy)

Doctor Who

So the squirt of information we got last night about Captain Jack is that he is busy rebuilding the Earth following the Dalek attack in Parting of the Ways. That in itself isn't really huge news but the fact that it was the Doctor who gave this information is. This would mean that four minutes after he ditched Jack on Satellite 5 the Doctor knows the Captain is alive and well.

It had previously looked like the Ninth Doctor took off without Jack because he thought he was dead. So either he did some sort of scan for life signs during the opening credit sequence while we weren't watching, he had some sixth sense tell him this, or after kissing Rose he just didn't want any other competition for her affections in the Tardis.

This bridge between seasons 27 and 28 was supposedly filmed after The Christmas Invasion which means it was probably filmed in the last month or so since Torchwood was greenlit. So it is probably not accidental that in between belches during some sort of post-regeneration sickness the Doctor would be casually rattling off information about Jack.

So there are two theories that come to my mind. One: that this is a clue that Torchwood will be set before Captain Jack ever runs across the Doctor and Rose. Because when they leave him on Satellite 5 he obviously has an important job to undertake which has nothing to do with solving crime in modern-day Cardiff. And two: since the Doctor is well aware of what Captain Jack is up to and where he is, he can quite easily pop off to check up on him and say hello (maybe a quick snog) at some point during Season 28 and give him a lift on to Cardiff.

Ok I got the ball rolling, discuss amongst yourselves.

UPDATE: Bowing to public pressure perhaps, the BBC has decided to release the season 27 boxset in the USA as well. You can pre-order from Amazon and it will be shipped on Valentines day 2006.
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