Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Halloween premiere for Torchwood?

Kind of a busy weekend, will be heading out on a roadtrip to a friend's wedding so no reports for a few days.

But before I pop off just wanted to throw out a few more things about the Guinevere One mission discussed yesterday and stir the pot a bit more. In the About page, it says the probe was launched on October 31st 2006. Seems to me to be as good a date as any for the premiere of a certain show starring Captain Jack. On that same page it has another date listed: August 1, 2003, it is the date when work commenced on the G1 project. That is roughly the date that the return of Doctor Who was announced.

Doctor Who

The man in charge of the project involving Mars is one Daniel Llewellyn, is it coincidental that just a few months ago a Daniel Llewellyn in Georgia took an outstanding photo of mars? Ok probably, but the Torchwood.TV rules state that I am required to give you a few pointless things to think about until I get back.
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