Saturday, December 17, 2005

Gwen the Great

Move along if you don't want any more hints about Gwen. But today we have something new to add to the mix.

Recapping what we know so far:
1. RTD says the following in DWM on November 9th, "The Doctor will be striding into 2006 with some truly astonishing adventures, with Jack and Gwen and the team following right behind!"
2. The Daily Mirror reports on November 21st that Rachel Stevens has auditioned for the part of Gwen on Torchwood opposite John Barrowman. (Interesting only for the Gwen reference)
3. John Barrowman tells fans backstage after opening night of Cinderella on December 9th that "Gwen isn't who you think she is."
4. The Independent's review of The Christmas Invasion on December 13th says that in the show Torchwood is a missile defense system.
5. Now today on the BBCs page dedicated to TCI there is a link to something called the Guinevere One Project which comes from the British Rocket Group. In the About Guinevere section we learn that a Welshman named Daniel Llewellyn named the Guinevere probe after Gwen the Great, the queen consort of King Arthur.

doctor who
Keira Knightly As Guinevere in a King Arthur film in 2004.

Regular readers may remember that I speculated on November 11th that investigating Guinevere might provide some clues. So might Jack pick Gwen up in his time travels? Perhaps Jack masqueraded as Lancelot in those missing two years and he rescued Gwen from being burned at the stake for adultery. Having Guinevere and Jack together on Torchwood would make a decent poker hand, a pair of queens!
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