Saturday, December 10, 2005

Lancaster, born and bred

Chris Chibnall, next in our running series on Torchwood authors, doesn't have as long a resume as Peter Hammond but does have a variety of credits to his name. He has been involved in a few television projects in the past, most notably the BBC drama Born and Bred.


Chibnall is now a very busy writer, in addition to working on Torchwood this winter he is also working on the Torchwood spinoff Life on Mars which is also due in 2006. Well at first glance the show looks like a Torchwood spinoff, as it centers around a time-travelling police detective. However, Life on Mars (scroll way to the bottom) will be set primarily in '70s Manchester (apparently the closest location to Mars the BBC could come up with) as opposed to modern-day Cardiff.

I have been able to find next to nothing as far as Life on Mars is concerned on the web. Perhaps some clever person out there can cash in on this and be the first to start a fansite for the show? Chibnall is also connected with a show called Merlin which is rumoured to fill the 7pm Sat. night slot on BBC1 following the next series of Doctor Who.

Like John Barrowman, Chibnall has a background in the theatre. He was involved for several years as a playwrite with the experimental theatre group Complicite. Chris has come a long way since he first broke into TV cataloging old football games for SKY sports. Let's just hope that the huge job of helping launch three new BBC shows in a single year won't drive him back towards a quiet lonely gig deep in the recesses of SKY's video vaults.
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