Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dalek Artist + Moffat?

Another name recently associated with Torchwood is concept designer Matt Savage. Like many others, he moved across the hall after finishing work on Doctor Who. He is a newcomer to the industry. Working on WHO with designer Ed Thomas has been his first TV gig. Prior to that he was an art department assistant on the films Batman Begins and Thunderbirds. (Let's try and not hold the latter film against him)


Savage's artistic talents have already been recognised with awards and he looks to be yet another eager bright young star who will put his all into the Torchwood experience. A gallery of his work is viewable online at his personal site. You can closely examine his drawings of Captain Jack's sonic blaster and Chula ship.

If you have the time, watch a 3 minute video clip of him discussing redesigning the Daleks last year here. Can you believe he wanted to replace the infamous Dalek plunger with a claw? Thank goodness RTD and other more sensible members of the production were able to put the youngster in his place on that day.

Update - Be sure to check out the comments on this post. Our man on the inside says that Steven Moffat will be writing one story for season one of Torchwood!
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