Friday, February 24, 2006

Torchwood Overload (What A Fantastic Way To Celebrate 100 Posts!)

We've reached a milestone; here we are - still going strong after 100 posts.
Kurly we all owe you so much. This little website which you founded months ago is quickly becoming the web-community for Woodies everywhere, and on behalf of everyone I have one thing to say:
Thank you.

I had planned to celebrate somewhat differently with today's column, but to hell with it: for the first time in months we have real news about the series, and I think today would be the ideal time to share it with you all. Gear up, because Torchwood is coming...
We've got a lot of new information, so here goes:
Gwen's full name is Gwen Cooper, suggesting that Myles isn't playing the same role she played on "Doctor Who". Here's what Eve Myles thinks of playing the role of Gwen Cooper, "I'm thrilled to be playing the part of Gwen. To get the chance to do a 13-part series under the watchful pen of Russell is amazing," says Eve, "It's such a compliment to have been chosen for the part - I can't wait. I'm also looking forward to working with John. It'll be the perfect opportunity for the both of us to show everyone what we've got."
Russell. T. Davies says, "I've admired Eve's work for years, and when she was able to guest-star in Doctor Who last year, it just confirmed to me that she was one of Wales's best-kept secrets. The part of Gwen in Torchwood was written specially for her - so it's a good thing she said yes! Eve and John Barrowman have already met up, and the combination is going to be electrifying."
Meanwhile our old friend John Barrowman confesses:"I'm really looking forward to working with Eve. We've had a good laugh on the occasions we've met and the fact that she's already been in Doctor Who means she knows what she's getting into."
Head of BBC Wales Drama, Julie Gardner, says: "We are delighted to announce the casting of Eve Myles in the central role of Gwen, alongside John Barrowman's Captain Jack in Torchwood. Eve is an intelligent and versatile actress, who has done exceptional work in a number of BBC dramas, including our local series Belonging."
Our little nuggets of information revealled during the BBC press release include:
+Toby Whithouse (writer of the Doctor Who episode "School Reunion") is set to write one episode of the new series.
+Chris Chibnall seems to be contributing more than we originally thought. In the BBC press release he's not listed as a 'contributor', but with RTD as one of the show's main writers. Does this mean he's writing multiple episodes, or is this simply a typo?
+The show's new producer is Richard Stokes (a past producer on British soaps Holby City and Eastenders). He replaces James Hawes, who has been forced to drop out after the filming shedule moved from early 2006 to around April/May.
So much new information, so little time to process it all! If anymore information is released through the day you can bet myself and Kurly will be on the front line to receive it...
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