Tuesday, March 21, 2006

So, It's April Then?!?

Some quick rumblings from Cardiff have just hit my inbox, rumblings that seem to match common whisperings about Torchwood filming. My source at BBC Wales today e-mailed me with the following message regarding the start date for the new season of Doctor Who. I think you'll like what he says:

"The BBC chiefs here in Cardiff are putting some final touches to their grand Doctor Who advertising campaign (and I can tell you now, if you think Eccleston was good in last year's trailers, you ain't seen nothing yet!) and I was lucky (i.e sneaky) enough to see a preliminary schedule for the production team in April. The series is set for an April 15th launch, although the document makes clear that this date can change at any point between now and March 25th. Russell, David, Billie and Noel are all making press interviews leading up to this date, and therefore Russell meets with John, Eve, et al to begin production on Torchwood April 23rd (although I don't know if this is filming or cast read throughs). That's if all goes to plan. Anyways, I'm writing on my laptop on the way home now, and I'm quite excited! As always, you didn't here this from me."

So, yay! I guess. If all is true, Torchwood begins 'filming' April 23rd (?). This makes sense as Barrowman's stint on This Morning will then be a distant memory, and having rested for a week he'll be ready for his months of filming. Yay! I'll update you guys if anything changes.
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