Friday, March 24, 2006

When You Have Nothing Useful To Say (You Resort To This)

The past few days have been very quiet for Torchwood news. So much so the tumbleweed just blew past as I type. Well, I'm sure I can still find a reason to blog despite this fact!


Anyhoo and anyways, Sci-fi channel airs "The Unquiet Dead" tonight, and for many Americans it will be their first chance to see the wonderful Eve Myles in action. Eve plays Gwynth (no realation to Gwen apparently), a young Victorian maid, living slap bang on top of "The Rift" (don't ask) in central Cardiff. As the Rift plays a major role in Torchwood (according to a Barrowman interview) it would be a perfect stepping-on point for future members of The Innuendo Squad, so watch it!

This week the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine hits news-stands everywhere, and as well as previews for the first couple of episodes of Doctor Who series two, we're promised a list at long (long) last of ALL the writers of Torchwood. So, when I get the magazine myself (on Wednesday probably) I'll fill you guys in with all the relevent information. Let's just hope the Steven Moffat rumours from a while back are true.

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