Saturday, April 01, 2006

Captain Jack covers up

John Barrowman has disappointed the legions of admirers of his bum by saying he will not be appearing naked in Torchwood! In an article published in Out Northwest magazine, a publication of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation, he talked about the spinoff and everything else that has been happening in his life. The interview is available for download in a nice PDF format. Regarding Torchwood, JB said:
Jack’s still going to be outrageous, but you’re not going to see him naked or anything. It’s going to be very scary. Things are going to happen on screen, and you’re going to think, “How did they think of that?!?” It’s Cardiff based, but it’s set all around the UK. You might see me in Manchester, you might see me in other parts of the UK because... well, that’s all I can tell you! Seriously, it’s worth more than my life!
Near the end of the interview Barrowman does let it slip that right after his stint on This Morning which starts on the 10th, he might be involved with another show on the BBC, but he couldn't reveal the name.

In the lengthy interview JB also fills us in more on the pilot he made for HGTV that we mentioned on the site a few weeks ago. This show for American cable TV will be called Keys to the Castle. It will be a lifestyles show that takes a glimpse into the lives of the residents of castles and stately homes in Scotland. If it is picked up the show will run about 13 episodes.

Oh and one last thing, John said that in his spare time, he will host a daily drivetime radio show, record another album, star in several feature films, and work on a cure for cancer.
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