Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hit The Road Jack...

Today was John Barrowman's final day on This Morning, but ever the showman, John left with one hell of a bang. After over-long articles on Coronation Street (apparently Mike Baldwin is dead - does anybody care?!?), John and Fern talked television gossip with pundit Paul Ross. And Paul managed to tease some Torchwood information out of John. Here's one big yay for Paul Ross!

After Tuesday's edition of "This Morning" John travelled to Cardiff to see the Torchwood sets. He seems very impressed with what he saw. The concept drawings for these sets can be found here. Anyway, John then went on to reveal that filming doesn't begin in May like we all thought...but NEXT WEEK!!! My friend within the BBC was right when he gave us that April information last month. All in all, it means was the first internet site to give this information to its readers. Check us out! Last but not least, John revealled one final secret, but beware, your head may explode out of pure excitement after you've read it...

Captain Jack is going to be driving his own Scooby Doo styled van in Torchwood. Described by John as "massive", Jack will drive the vechile (think Dead Reckoning from that Land of the Dead film) around the country. John goes on to advise viewers to keep their eyes peeled, because he may pass them on the road inside the van! Imagine driving home from work and finding a 51st Century guy parked next to you...! No pictures are currently available, but with filming due to start next week, it can only be a matter of time before an official BBC press release. Failing that, it can't be long before some tabloid newspaper creeps on set to capture the return of Captain Jack.

Here's hoping at least!
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