Friday, April 14, 2006

A 51st Century Guy

I was lucky enough to see a three minute preview of Doctor Who season two last night on BBCi, and stumbled across some interesting findings along the way...


In the episode 'The Girl in the Fireplace' the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey meet Madame Du Pompadour, the King of France's mistress, who's being stalked by beings from the 51st Century. The beings want Pompadour for some (yet) unknown reasons. They send killer clockwork androids to hunt her down...and that's where the trouble begins.

Anyway, what's interesting is the fact that this ship is from the 51st century. It's established throughout series one that Jack Harkness is a '51st Century kind of guy'. We know that Jack does not appear in season two, but does this ship have something to do with him still? Is it part of the Agency that Jack worked for during his two missing years? Is it an old friend of Jack's that we've never met before? And does it in anyway tie in with Jack's future on Torchwood? We'll see.

The episode in question, The Girl In The Fireplace, airs at 7PM on BBC 1 May 6th. Don't dare miss it. I have a feeling another piece of the jigsaw will soon fit into place...

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