Saturday, April 15, 2006

Let the feast begin

We made it through the long cold winter. We are just an hour away now from the premier of New Earth and a few days off from filming on Torchwood. It's good to see we are getting more and more people stopping by and showing interest in the spinoff. You will need quite a sharp eye to spot all the Torchwood clues sprinkled throughout season 28 of WHO.

However we have already seen that the TV shows are not the only place we should be hunting. The first book in the Tenth Doctor Adventures series The Feast of the Drowned was released this week and it has a brief Torchwood reference. In the novel, the Institute is mentioned by a US naval officer. Interesting that the military forces of the USA are also aware of Torchwood's existance, even though like the British PM they are not supposed to know about them.

So enjoy the new season of WHO and don't blink, you might just miss some clue that reveals where Jack has a tattoo!
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