Monday, April 10, 2006

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Most Tom Cruise Of Them All?

Whoa. I just sat through two and a half hours of day time television, and I feel as though my head is about to implode. But it was worth it. Because it was also two and a half hours of non-stop John Barrowman...


So, aside from the odd fluffing of lines (which we'll forgive him for) , John did a good job today, forfilling Phillip Schofield's shoes rather nicely. Anyway, here's a quick rundown of the highlight's:

+The cosmic order, which John clearly doesn't believe in!!!

+Prince William is a Chav!

+A guest compared John to Tom Cruise, commenting on how much they look alike! Well, girls, post your reactions here...

+John interviewed former Partridge Family favorite Danny Bonaduce, talking about the star's recent breakdown, and also commenting on how fickle he thinks modern Hollywood is. Go John!

+John also seems to have a fetish for young girls getting naked together, and helping one another to rub self-tan into each other. Cheeky devil. Only Jack Harkness could get away with saying that on National television!

+Finally, John helped resident chef Aldo cook ravioli in a chef face-off with Gino, but alas, Aldo lost to his competition.

Anyway, we've another three days of this madness to go. If my head hasn't exploded by the end of the week, then it'll be a miracle. Honest.

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