Sunday, April 09, 2006

Yours, Confidentially...

Yes, as a few of you have discussed on the comments section, earlier this evening, during a special episode of "Doctor Who Confidential" entitled One Year On, Torchwood was discussed in some detail, which I'll break down for you below:

According to RTD (who was interviewed about the show) Jack Harkness travels back in time, through the rift, to Cardiff, where he hopes the Doctor will one day return, in order to re-fuel the TARDIS (much like he did in Boom Town). It's here that Jack becomes head of the re-formed Torchwood, and as we know folks, that's where all the fun begins...

According to Gardner (Torchwood's executive producer) the show will be filmed in Cardiff, but set throughout Britain's cities. So yay! Here's hoping they visit Manchester (where I live!)

The designs for The Hub, and various other Torchwood locations were featured quite heavily throughout this broadcast. We also saw some builders actually assembling the set! As soon as any screen caps are released onto the net, you can be sure we'll post them here! And boy, will they be worth the wait!!!

UPDATE! Thanks to the concept drawing for the "Autopsy Area" is now here! It can be seen below:

Anyway, I better get typing away at that Richard Stokes (long overdue!) interview. Until tomorrow...

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