Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Rumour Mill

A forum member on Outpost Gallifrey claims to have some important news on Torchwood. The person has no specific source, or no real proof of what he's saying, so I suggest that readers take his 'news' with a pince of salt:



+ The episode Flotsam and Jetsam (dreadful title!) contains two gangland leaders who are infact aliens from the 51st Century. Jack has had previous dealings with the pair during his days as a time agent.

+ Episode two is apparently titled "Dark Revelations" and features Gwen's boyfriend, who is seemingly taken over by a great evil.

+ Sarah-Jane Smith stars in a number of episodes, as a reaccuring character. This story at least has a little truth in it. In a recent interview, Elisabeth Sladen revealled that plans are afoot for Sarah's return...but then she went on to comment that it wouldn't be a return to Doctor Who. Go Sarah-Jane!

I doubt any of these rumours will come to fruitition, but if they do, remember where you heard the news first! Until next time guys...

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