Monday, May 01, 2006

Bedtime With John (Insert Innuendo Here)


All this week John Barrowman will be presenting the Bedtime Hour on the Cbeebies Channel, a channel over here in England that's run by the BBC for pre-school children. John will be reading aloud children stories, and if you want to see him every night this week doing so, you can catch Cbeebies on Freeview Channel 71, Sky Channel 617, Ntl Channel 599/68, Telewest Channel 702, or by clicking this link after each broadcast, and then following the link on that page to the Bedtime Hour catch-up.


Oh, and if anybody hasn't seen the TARDISODE for "The Girl in the Fireplace" yet, do check it out. No Torchwood references this week, but still, it's cool to see other 51st Century guys and gals at work. Who knows, they could even be time agents...

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