Sunday, May 07, 2006

The fifth wheel?

So who is the mysterious fifth member of the Torchwood team? Well read on if you would like a recap of the speculations that have been circulating. It relates to the finale of WHO.

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Source: Doctor Who Confidential Screencap

Tracy-Ann Oberman of Eastenders fame will play a villian named Yvonne Hartman in the final two episodes of WHO this season. Elements of these episodes will lead right into the Torchwood series. In the Express newspaper last month Oberman said she will be playing the head of the Torchwood Institute. The speculation is that she will be in charge of a London-based Torchwood who has gone a bit astray, in league with the Cybermen and such.

None of the location reports last week spotted Oberman, so it might be a case of her exit/death leaving a spot for Jack to come in and head up a new reformed Torchwood Institute now based in Cardiff. If you are in Cardiff it looks like you will have a few chances to see the team on the streets in their range rover and look for more clues this week. A few shooting spots that have been mentioned are at the The Hayes, City Centre on Monday and then wednesday evening in the Pen and Wig pub.

No Torchwood references in The Girl in the Fireplace. The commentary features the writer of the episode Steven Moffat and Torchwood writer Noel Clarke, who is now better known as The Tin Dog.
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