Sunday, May 07, 2006

The World Wide 'Wood

I've been wanting to write this post since like the dawn of time (see file "Castrovalva") but I've waited patiently for the right occassion to do so.

Now, with four out of five cast members confirmed, and filming having now started, I feel we're all ready to start talking about the important stuff: namely, fans.

Fans. We're the people that sit and watch every week . We're the people who dedicate our lives to every aspect of our beloved series. And we're the people who care about Doctor Who and Torchwood so much that both shows now feel very much part of our lives, to such an extent that we're willing to put our lives on hold for 16 years to wait for a Time Lord's return. Fans.

The very fact you're reading this page tells me one thing: Torchwood is not just any other television show to you: It's something very special that you want to desperately be part of, because no matter what you say, you're a fan. And that's a fantastic thing. Embrace your love, because fanlove is, as Russell T Davies once observed, a very special thing.

And we want to hear from you all. Why do you love Doctor Who so much? What are your expectations for Torchwood? Have you any messages of support for some friends of ours in Cardiff, who are working away so hard to bring us 13 weeks worth of programming that we're sure to love? Post your comments here at, because - along with a number of other websites out there - we're witnessing the birth of Torchwood's fan community.

Together at last, we should all be celebrating that very fact.

Now, John, Eve, Burn and Naoko, if you're reading, we'd love to hear from you guys too. Because quite simply, we're fans. And we love you.
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