Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Ghost Watch

Doctor Who Magazine # 370 is released in newsagents across the UK tomorrow, but I've managed to grab a sneak peak, and found some very interesting Torchwood news inside.

As well as commenting upon the casting of Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori, the magazine also exclusively reveals the director of the second block of filming on Torchwood (which consists of just two episodes). This particular block will be completed by Colin Teague, a director who has already headed up some notable episodes of Holby City (along with producer Richard Stokes). We wish Colin all the luck in the world, and here's hoping he produces some incredible episodes!

Colin's two episodes will not contain Noel Clarke's episode like previously thought. Instead, block two will contain a script by Toby Whithouse (Doctor Who - "School Reunion"), as well as script editor Helen Raynor's story, which has the working title of "The Ghost Machine". Now that's what I call an excellent episode title!

Below is an updated episode guide. Any spoilers associated with particular episodes will be printed in invisotext next to the title, so again, DO NOT HIGHLIGHT IF YOU WANT TO STAY SPOILER FREE! Don't say I didn't warn you! Information in brackets is currently awaiting confirmation.

EPISODE ONE - "Flotsam and Jetsam"
Written by: Russell. T. Davies, Directed by :Brian Kelly
Jack Harkness has returned from the far future, to modern day Cardiff where he's found a job working amongst Torchwood, an ultra secret military organisation. Jack believes that by staying near to the 'Rift' the Doctor will return one day and find him. Whilst investigating some alien gangsters (supposidly) he meets a police woman called Gwen Cooper, and soon Gwen has become part of Torchwood itself, replacing a former Torchwood operative named Suzie who has since gone rogue.

EPISODE TWO - "Dark Revelations (tbc)"
Written by: Chris Chibnall, Directed by: Brian Kelly
Current rumours suggest that during this episode Gwen Cooper's boyfriend learns the secret of Torchwood, and is taken over by a great evil. During the course of the episode Gwen learns exactly what it means to work for a top secret co-government agency.

EPISODE THREE(?) - "tbc"
Written by: Toby Whithouse, Directed by: Colin Teague
No details currently available. Bah!

EPISODE FOUR (?)- "tbc"
Written by: Noel Clarke, Directed by: (block three)
Noel appeared on GMTV last week and revealled that his episode is currently sheduled to be episode four of Torchwood. For now we'll continue to place the episode here. No specific details are yet available.

EPISODE FIVE (?) - "The Ghost Machine"
Written by: Helen Raynor, Directed by: Colin Teague
Thing's go bump in the night, but that's all I'm saying. The clue's in the name.

EPISODE SIX (?)- "Small World"
Written by: PJ Hammond, Directed by: (block three)
Gwen is still feeling her way in to the world of Torchwood, which she has just joined. This episode revolves around some "malevolent fairies". Hammond confirms in Dreamwatch magazine that the episode is no longer the third of the series.

One more Russell.T.Davies script (possibly the finale)
At least three more Chris Chibnall scripts
A script by Si Spencer

And a quick note for fact fans: the first cast readthrough for Torchwood was Wednesday 26th April 2006, with actual filming commencing on Monday May 1st 2006. The first few weeks of filming were location shots as the team continue to settle into their new studio "Camelot".

And that's your lot for now! More news as we get it...and if anybody has any updates for our rough episode guide, then contact myself or Kurly and we'll be happy to make any changes.
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