Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Noel Clarke Diaries

Noel Clarke (Mickey Smith in "Doctor Who") appeared on the Entertainment Today section of GM:TV on Friday. He appeared to talk about Doctor Who (specifically the fate of Mickey in "The Age of Steel", as well as hinting that Mickey might still return...), as well as his film "Kidulthood" which is released on DVD across the UK next week. It really is a fantastic film, so go out and buy it guys and gals, and support Mickey...I mean Noel Clarke, along the way.

Oh, and Noel also mentioned Torchwood (see what I did there...left it to last to add tension). It seems that his script is currently scheduled as episode four and will presumably take place in recording block two (the team are still recording block one now, and will soon move onto block two episodes). Although Noel didn't mntion any details about his episodes he did call the show a mix between "The X Files" and "CSI". Whether being compared to CSI is a good thing or not is entirely up to you to decide.

But one thing looks certain now: Mickey Smith will not be appearing in Torchwood. Which is a shame, because Mickey plays the role of a hero so brilliantly in "The Age of Steel"...
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