Friday, May 12, 2006

Torchwood will be filming at . . .

Other than a mention of some snogging going on in a scene, I haven't heard any reports from the past week of production yet. But hey, there is at least one kiss every week on Doctor Who these days, so I could have guessed that would be somewhere in Torchwood. If you have been able to get some photos or news from locations in Cardiff please don't hog it all to yourself. Without the goods, I will just have to make up some crackpot theories and then claim they are coming from a reliable source. I have quite a vivid imagination you know.

I had posted some vague details about where Torchwood will be filming over the next few days here earlier, but the BBC has asked me to quit doing that so I have removed them. I must say I'm a bit torn, unless fans are really slowing things down, I don't see the harm in it. However, I don't want to piss off the BBC either as I'm still hoping for that cameo on the show! I know the Beeb needs to cover their interests. So readers, feel free to voice your opinion on what we should do in the comments below.
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