Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday's Schedule

Since you demanded it, here is more of the inside scoop on where Torchwood will be filming. This is only for those eager Woodies who just can't resist getting a peek of the crew in all their glory in Cardiff.

Wednesday, May 10th
Calltime 2:00pm - Wrap 1:00am
Location 1 - The Penn and Wig Pub, Park Grove
Location 2 - Ultralase, 24 Windsor Place
Location 3 - Car Park, Gerald Eve, Windsor Place

The first two locations are interiors, with little to see. The car park however should provide an opportunity to witness some filming. Of course it goes without saying, that anybody who goes to the locations needs to show utmost respect to the process, the production staff and the actors. If you don't, then these type of advance notices will undoubtedly cease and Torchwood.TV readers will just have to return to the glory days of my non-topical rants sprinkled with unfunny sarcasm.
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