Thursday, June 15, 2006

Is It Gwen Then? Or Is Jack Back?!?

Billie Piper is leaving Doctor Who. Think about that statement for a second. Cry if you need to. But ultimately, we're left with a huge gapping question: who's going to replace the glorious Rose?

The internet is buzzing with answers, and here's just a few that relate to Torchwood in one way or another. The relevance of the rumours are rated by betting shop odds!

Captain Jack Harkness
Does the great John Barrowman re-join the series he made his own? Perhaps Jack's not destined for more than a year at Torchwood? He's set to return next year to Doctor Who, but is it a full time return? We hope so, but the odds are against. 25/1

Gwen Cooper
Gwen is established in the first season of Torchwood. Perhaps this means she's been 'trying' out. If popular enough, she has the option to join the mother series. However, Russell T Davies is a clever man: he wouldn't introduce Gwen on Torchwood for her to leave after a year. 50/1

Another major Torchwood soldier first introduced in "Army of Ghosts"
The transition between companions is made: Rose goes out, as the new girl/boy comes in. There's no reason why this can't happen, save for the fact that one feels like the production team would rather wait until the Doctor Who Christmas Special 2006 until they reveal their new companion. More dramatic you see. 10/1

The Torchwood vechile
The Doctor Who 2006 season finale "Army of Ghosts" sees deceased loved ones returning home to haunt their families. Perhaps the Doctor sees his old car Bessie again, and feels the time's right for a new pet car? Torchwood watch out - the Doctor may be after your car! 1000/1

So there you go...all the rumours presented in an easy-to-use guide. Hopefully none of them are true, because deep down, as much as I'd like to see Captain Jack back helming the TARDIS longterm, we all realise how much of a fantastic character he is. He deserves to be the leading man in his own right, and deserves time to develop as a character.

So, please, BBC, if you must employ a member of the Torchwood Institute...please make sure it's not one of our leading men or women. Because Torchwood needs time to develop its own identity. It's not Doctor-Who-for-adults, and should seperate somewhat from its parent show. Besides, if you steal the gems from Torchwood this early on...what are you left with?
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