Friday, June 16, 2006

Nobody is allowed to spoil but us damnit!

This week, I'm busy with wrapping up my job, moving, and getting married, but this recent news about Billie Piper has inspired me to take a few minutes to write a quick post and interrupt my self-imposed hiatus from this site.

Since production on Torchwood started we have gotten a few letters from the BBC complaining about secrets and spoilers we have revealed here. I have no idea why insiders would want to give us any scoops, but for some reason they have. Our policy is that we will no longer give out information that might lead to slowing down production, such as location info, but reports of what has gone on already on the set are fair game. Well the BBC doesn't like those either and now we have a better idea why. As shown by their publication of the Billie Piper press release yesterday, they don't care at all about spoilers so long as they are the ones who get to reveal them. If it will help the ratings spoil away!

We certainly don't want to be an enemy of the BBC but we aren't on their payroll either. Its just a TV show after all, we aren't publishing CIA leaks here. Thoughts?
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