Sunday, June 04, 2006

Lucas Out...Whedon In

Issue # 145 of SFX Magazine is published next week in the UK, and I've been lucky to have a sneak peak inside.

The news section's top story features Torchwood, specifically, the start of filming on the series. However, the magazine also includes an "exclusive" interview with producer Richard Stokes, from which key quotes have been lifted and posted below.

Over to you Richard...

"They're fun, action adventures with a sense of joy and real heart. Each story should pack a punch like a feature-lenght movie"

"It will feel darker in tone...More 'Serenity', less 'Star Wars'..."

"There will be little continuity (between Doctor Who and Torchwood)...We're very keen to keep the shows editorially distinct...It's important that spin-offs to find their own identity and make their mark...But there will be occassional reminders we're in the same fictional universe."

"There will be a developing series arc over the 13 episodes...the dynamics between the regulars will shift as the show progresses..."

"In 'Boomtown' a time-rift was established underneath (Cardiff)...The idea is the Torchwood Hub is located underneath this place - directly on top of the rift..."

"Jack will be very much the Jack from Doctor Who...maybe a little bit more mysterious though...he doesn't want his team to know a lot about where he's come from, and what he's done...but you'll find out a lot about Jack in this series."

Rather cheekily, the magazine also comments "Torchwood comes to BBC Three this October. Or November. Look, just keep your eye out." I couldn't have said it better myself. Until next time...
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