Friday, June 02, 2006

The Torchwood Redemption

I've just stumbled across this fine piece of fan fiction by the mysterious "Danny_B" over at The story concerns the first adventure of the ELVENTH Doctor (a woman). It takes place mere days after the end of "The Christams Invasion", and features lots of Torchwood action. You can read the story here.

What's great about this fan fiction is that we've not even got a series to compare ourselves too yet, but still it comes. Us Woodies are a dedicated bunch! Come October it will be nice to look back and compare our expectations of the show and its central concept with what eventually came. Who's betting that so far, we're all totally off the mark! Anyway, October's not long away now (four months or so!), but still, we have plenty of time for more fan fiction.

UPDATE: Smitty has brought several new stories to my attention. Visit Mary_pseud's one at:,
as well as Smitty's own at: and

If you write a story, e-mail to myself, and I'll be sure to give it an honoury mention right here on Oh, the fame! See you soon...
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