Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Battle of Torchwood


Doomsday is over, and its time for us survivors to take stock. Rose Tyler is no more, and as far as offical reports go, dead. Only the Doctor knows the truth. So, in October, when Captain Jack Harkness does indeed arrive at Torchwood Cardiff, he won't know any different. To him, his old friend Rose Tyler - as well as his boss and Torchwood London - is dead. The 'Rose Tyler in Torchwood' rumours end here folks.

As do the Captain Jack Christmas Special ones. Because, in this year's special ("The Runaway Bride") the Doctor fails to meet John Barrowman. Instead he meets one Catherine Tate. Only 170 days to go folks!

Also this evening, there failed to materialise any Torchwood previews, which is a real shame. But at least we can sit back and say at last, "October is only 13 weeks away!". 13 weeks? Enough time to re-watch the entire Torchwood-centric second season of Doctor Who, one episode a week. Get out the DVD's - it's time we celebrate before Torchwood is born!

In other, totally unrelated news, Behind the Sofa reveals some exciting news. This very week, two Torchwood faces go head-to-head, in the same style as Daleks and Cybermen. Who will you be watching on 12th July? Noel Clarke, or Eve Myles? The choice is yours...

In anticipation of the final 13 week (or so) countdown for Torchwood, I'm proud to announce an exciting new feature for! Every single Saturday from here to October, I'll be opening Torchwood's secret files, to examine the organisation's hidden history in close detail. Come with me, back to 1879, and meet Queen Victoria. Learn Torchwood's involement with the Titanic's secret, and as October draws near, learn what really happened during the battle of Torchwood, when they say Bronze monsters faught with silver giants. Oh, and meet Captain Jack Harkness along the way, and see how he fits into proceedings...

"The Torchwood Archives" are opened for the very first time next Saturday evening, and make sure you're here, or run the risk on missing out! Remember though, the Archive is a work of fan fiction, and no way represents what the BBC Production Team are thinking! So back off lawyers!!!

"Because we are defended!"
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