Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Christmas Without Jack?

Outpost Gallifrey reports today that filming on Doctor Who season three has begun, in secret. The episode currently being filmed is none other than this year's Christmas Special, directed by Euros Lyn, and starring David Tennant, without either Rose or Martha at his side.

But what about Jack?

Well, all the signs are currently pointing one way: Jack Harkness does not appear in this year's Christmas Special. Look at the evidence:

+The episode is filming in early July - Torchwood continues filming for at least another three months, and would they really film a month without John Barrowman?

+John's soon set to star in "Maria" - so he's already got very little free time on his hands!

+The production team have promised no crossovers. If Torchwood begins airing in late October like RTD has indicated, it won't end until mid-January 2007, meaning it'll still be on air when this year's Christmas Special does indeed air. If Jack appears in two shows at once = crossover.

+At the London Film and Comic Con, John himself indicated that he'll film his new Doctor Who episodes in October, after Torchwood. This is months after the Christmas Special is in the can!

My guess is John will appear in a mid-season two parter next series. But I hope he appears sooner, cois we all love the lovable rogue, don't we? Well, expect an offical confirmation sooner rather than later on the subject.

But don't fret about a lack of Jack in Doctor Who this Christmas - like I said earlier, more than likely Torchwood will still be airing over the festive season. Result!

Oh, and talking about Who, enjoy tonight's episode. I hear it's going to be a killer...
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