Friday, July 07, 2006

Totally Torchwood

With all the Torchwood hubbub the past week I want to welcome all the newcomers to the site! Everybody is welcome to comment or leave something on the tagboard. I don't have the time to put into this blog like I did last fall, but I'm now back here at the Seattle branch of Torchwood after a few month mission, and of course jackharkness admirably has not left his post commanding Torchwood Manchester.

The site should be fun and collaborative, there are even plenty more slots for folks with the right stuff who want to post on this blog. So if you want to be commander of Torchwood: Timbuktu branch for example, just drop us a line. We try to scour the world for news about the show and its actors, and even get inside tips from time to time. However, I think of this site as more like the editorial section of the web on Torchwood, rather than page one.

As far as news this week, with all the tie-in's with the series finale of WHO it isn't hard to find. Here is a nice article about JB today that expands a bit on what we know of his character. On DW Confidential last week, we got a peak at the Hub set and saw them filming a few scenes (Captured above), there are a few clips from the show available at the BBC site. Some things about the show are still under wraps of course. We will just have to wait until October to find out exactly what kind of pizza the Captain ordered.
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