Sunday, August 27, 2006

Coming soon: a real Torchwood site!

Sorry to those of you who have had to rely on a small handfull of amateur sights like this one for the past 10 months to get your Torchwood fix. But there appears to be help on the horizon.

As reported today by The Observer and Digital Spy the BBC are working on a site with all sorts of bells and whistles. Digital Spy said:
They include the ability to explore the Torchwood hub, an imaginary desktop and weekly, 10-minute behind-the-scenes vodcasts.

"You can join the corporation of Torchwood and be one of its employees," explained director of television Jana Bennett, who commissioned the application as part of the BBC Vision project.
When did Torchwood encorporate? I thought they were a mere institute. I guess there is a lot of money in alien tech!

Another question does remain, will there also be a Torchwood Confidential type show on tv, or just shorter clips viewable exclusively online?
Screencap: BBC's How do you solve a problem like Maria?

The screen grab above has nothing to do with anything, just thought it provided a nice visual update of what our Captain is keeping himself busy with on Saturday nights. He is seen here showing his approval for one of the Maria Von Trapp wannabees in the reality show. One can only imagine how he reacts after a poor performance from one of the girls.
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