Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Good Entrance Is Everything!

Our friends at The Torchwood Institute have published the following set report:

Simon reports:
"I went to visit my girlfriends parents up in Maes a Sawrn (I think that’s how you spell it) yesterday and noticed loads of trucks in their street, and a camera on a crane outside one of the houses and loads of people wandering around.
They had a letter saying that filming on Episode 5 of Tourchwood is taking place there for three days this week and next week the episode will air about the first week of December and deal with Fairies (that’s how they spelt it) at the bottom of a little girls garden, then wanted a house that has a long garden that merges into woodland and they will be using a high powered wind machine on the site at some point."

The same site also managed to capture this image - which happens to be the front entrance to the glorious Hub! Click here for a larger version of this photo, and when you do, you'll see how much detail went into making the set. Look out for photographs of Margaret Blaine from "Boomtown"...


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