Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Who Says TV(.com) Has It All?

Sorry about the lack of updates on my behalf recently, but I've been a little busy with work and such. However, no need to fret, for I've still been busy! And you're just going to love what I've done...

SEE, A LACK OF REAL NEWS HAS SUBJECT ME TO RE-USING THIS PHOTO (AGAIN!) has for a while included a Torchwood section, for which I am editor. The page has for a while been lacking any real information, and so, it's my honour to announce that now the page has been updated. I've included all the relevent information about the series, including episode titles (revealled by Kurly earlier today), episode guest stars, and spoiler-holic episode plots.

So, if you're new to the world of Torchwood (and/or "Doctor Who") then visit this rather neat, kinda cool television database here. Fell free to submit information that I and other members of the site may have overlooked, or (eek!) don't know about yet. So get typing.

And remember, there's also a forum for Torchwood fans to chat...

See you all there.

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