Friday, September 01, 2006

25 Questions

1: What time/date will Torchwood eventually air?

2: When will we first see a Torchwood trailer...?

3: So, will there be a "Torchwood Confidential" or not?

4: First episode: good or bad reviews?

5: How many viewers will watch "Flotsam and Jetsam"?

6: What are Jack Harkness' first words to Gwen Cooper?

7: Will Jack have a smooch and/or sex in the first episode of the series?

8: How many men/women will Jack sleep with throughout season one?

9: Will Jack and Gwen get together (and if so, in which episode) ?

10: What's Jack's secret revealled at the end of episode one? (This one I know, but I'm not telling! Ha!)

11: Will Torchwood transfer to BBC One?

12: Is Doctor Sato a lesbian?

13: Is Doctor Sato bi-sexual?

14: How many references to "the Doctor", "Rose Tyler" or "the TARDIS" in the first series?

15: How many references to other elements of "Doctor Who" (like the Empty Child incident) in the first year?

16: Who are the "old friends" posed to return in the middle of the series (Chula alerted us to this) ?

17: Will there be Torchwood Magazine?

18: When will the first Torchwood action figures hit the shelves?

19: Will we see any Doctor Who monsters in series one?

20: Will there be any eventual "Doctor Who" / "Torchwood" crossover?

21: Will the series feature a Russell T Davies style catchphrase (Think Eccleston's "fantastic" or Tennant's "brilliant") ?

22: Will the series end of a cliffhanger? If so, what...?

23: Will Jack Harkness and all of his friends survive series one? If not, who will be Torchwood's first casualty?

24: Torchwood: recommissioned for a second season, or not?

25: Finally, a fun one: who would you most like to spend a night with out of the Torchwood cast?

Only two months to go now roughly until Torchwood's expected start around Halloween time! So, get answering those questions, and post your replies in the comments section. We'll see who gained the most right answers after season one has finished airing!
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