Friday, September 29, 2006

An (Almost) Confirmed Airdate!

Digitalspy has become the latest in a long line of sources to apparently confirm Torchwood's airdate. The website has more weight behind it's claim than others though: because it's reporter claims to have been granted access to the Torchwood press launch, which is happening in Cardiff next week on Tuesday 3rd October (so I'm told).

Anyways, until we have an official BBC Press Release (expect it in the next two weeks - definately by afternoon on Friday 13th October if Torchwood is due to air when predicted) then we'll have to make do with this educated guestimate of Torchwood's airdate:


It's not thought that Torchwood will broadcast simutaneously on BBC 1 and 3, but that the BBC 1 broadcast will follow later in the week, around 10:40pm at night, after the news.

24 days away folks. The true countdown begins now. In the next month or so expect the following:

+ A BBC Press Release (check here every day)
+ A BBC Press Screening
+ An update to the BBC Torchwood Site (check here every day)
+ Magazine articles - lots of them!
+ Trailers (on television and at cinemas!)

and (best of all):

+ Interviews, lots of them! (including John Barrowman on Capital Gold next week)

24, 23, 22...

UPDATE: Various sources deny that the Torchwood press launch is taking place on Tuesday. So it looks like we might have to wait a alittle longer for Torchwood news...
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