Sunday, October 01, 2006

October, October, October!

This time last year, we were all sat in awe awaiting David Tennant's arrival as the Tenth Doctor. We had no idea what Torchwood was, or who "Gwen" would turn out to be, or even if Captain Jack Harkness would ever return to our screens.

How things change in a year.

We've reached October 2006 finally; the month many believe will see the launch of Torchwood (a month later than originally stated in the BBC Press Release last October!). We've been patient, and sat back and watched the series take shape; from Jack to Gwen, Owen to Suzie, James Hawes to Richard Stokes, we've been patient - and at last that patience is about to pay off.

Big style.

Torchwood is coming folks.

Need I say more?
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